About Us

CitizenshipCounts.ca is a project of OCASI and was funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

We want to empower young people across Canada to take control of their citizenship status by highlighting the benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen, showing you how to apply, and helping you study for the citizenship test.

Our Partners

Are you interested in partnering with us? We are open to content and promotional partnerships. Contact us at [email protected]

Richmond Public Library

The Richmond Public Library opened up their online citizenship quiz for use on this website and in our mobile app.

Manitoba Adul Eal Hub

The Manitoba Adult EAL Hub let us use their clear-language Discover Canada guide [PDF]. Watch a video on Tutela.ca on how to use their resources in your citizenship classes.


Settlement.Org provides newcomers with information and resources to settle in Ontario, Canada.


NewYouth.ca is an online community for newcomer immigrant and refugee youth in Ontario.

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