How To Become A Citizen

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Apply - Step 1: Am I Eligible To Apply?   
Step 2 - Prove That You Know English or French   
Step 3 - Prove That You Have Met the Residency Requirements   
Step 4 - Download and Fill Out The Application Form   
Step 5 - Include All Supporting Documents   
Step 6 - Pay The Application Fee   
Step 7 - Mail Your Application   
Step 8 - Prepare for the Residence Questionnaire   

How long will it take to process an application?

Where can I check my application status?

What happens after I apply?

What happens if I move after I apply?

Will I be asked to come in for an interview?

Why am I being asked for fingerprints?

Am I going to get a residence questionnaire?

What if I live with my parents and have no bills to prove my residency?

What if I have been in prison, parole, or probation?

What if I have been ordered to leave Canada?

What if I change my name after I apply?