How To Become A Citizen

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Step 2 - Prove That You Know English or French

Step 2 - Prove That You Know English or French

To apply for Canadian citizenship, you will need to submit one of these types of documents as proof that you have a good grasp of English or French:

  • Test results from a third party, equivalent to at least CLB/NCLC 4 (speaking and listening). If you have already submitted these as part of your Skilled Worker or Canadian Experience Class application, you will need to re-submit a copy of them with your Citizenship application.
  • A transcript, diploma or certificate from an English or French secondary or post-secondary school program.
  • Proof you completed a speaking and listening course at level CLB/NCLC 4 in a LINC or CLIC course, or from a provincially-funded language training course in Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia or Quebec.

If you are unsure if the documents you have are acceptable proof, check this IRCC tool.

If you are deaf, and can't provide any of the language proof above, you must submit:

  • An audiogram issued by a Canadian audiologist.
  • A letter by the same audiologist stating that you are deaf and have severe to profound hearing loss, and an explanation of how this impacts your ability to listen and/or speak.

If you have a cognitive disability that prevents you from providing proof of language ability, you can request, in writing, to have the language requirements waived. You will need to explain your disability, and include a medical opinion to support your request.

Find details about the language documents you need to submit on the IRCC website.